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Why do I do what I do and how can I support you?

Like me you may have been challenged with some life changing situations. Back in 2014 my wife had a brain bleed and the doctors said that she may not survive, and as the energy of my emotions built up, like a light bulb that had too much current, my life exploded, and I suffered a life-threatening heart attack.

But how could that be when I have studied Stress Management, Reiki, EFT Tapping, Hypnotherapy, and so many other methods that should deal with the life stressors, and are meant to be a solution?

I suffered what is now medically recognised as "broken heart syndrome".

I have made it my life mission to discover why, but more than that, how the best of what I have learned, experienced and taught others, can come together to create a process that not only deals with the shock of an emotional experience, like I had, but also discovers why it occurred, and what can be done in the future to prevent it from happening again.

Like I say, what I am about to share with you is a new powerful combination that can work in so many important areas, and comes with the philosophy that, once we have learned why we have what we have, the root of what takes away our healthy stability and throws us of balance, once we go deep and in depth, the learnings we gain will allow the body to let go of whatever it is, and give us the freedom to move on and not repeat the problem again.

So, the details for those that need to know everything about the process are all featured in my Heart Centred Tapping manual, but for those who like to keep it simple, we basically have three stages:

1 - The Lens

This is when you consider what is causing an issue by asking the right questions that help to generate the intensity of the issue so that it becomes alive in the body, as in when you feel it you reveal it, and most importantly, if it is not showing up in the body, you are not tapping on anything and will not get the results.

A light bulb is only truly a light bulb when it is switched on and glows, so you need to create that intensity with the affirmational statements that in turn are created by the words you use and that resonate themselves and give power to the treatment.

2 -The Bridge

A bridge is created from your current Beta state into an Alpha state by the trance generated by the ritual of tapping, but also by the counting that you do. This then leads you into the meditative Alpha state and distracts the mind from consciously interfering with the process of healing.

It is also like a pattern interrupt that you would find in NLP that prevents the conscious mind from interfering or sabotaging your results, by stopping the inner critic that may question you in some way and create a reversal.

The process of counting down from 5 to 1 was originally created by Mel Robbins from a book called “The 5 Second Rule”. This process alone has had some fantastic results and becomes even more impressive when combined with the tapping. So, to summarise the process - the counting interferes with the momentum of conscious thought, thus allowing the unconscious to thrive and drive.

3 - The Meditation and Alpha State

The Alpha state and meditation that follows the lens and the bridge is the part of the process that directly follows a round of tapping and is the difference that makes the difference when looking at making the personal discoveries that are often the solution to many issues both physical and emotional, that may be holding you back from moving on and discovering a life free of limitation.

What I have discovered through working with others when using the process is that the method allows you to slip into an alpha state of mind gently and simply. An "alpha state of mind" is what scientists associate with "right brain" activity, or our subjective sense of imagination, creativity, memory, and intuition.

When you are actively awake, you are typically in a state of mind known as Beta, with brainwave activity between 14 and 30 HZ. When your brain wave activity slows down to between 7 and 14 HZ, you are said to be in an alpha state.

This state helps to create a "relaxed" state of mind that allows you to be more:

● receptive

● open

● creative

● less critical of yourself

● less likely to sabotage your results


In history, Edison, Einstein, and many other brilliant minds considered a daily ritual of accessing an alpha state of mind essential to the discoveries that in time changed the world we live in.

In a research project on meditation conducted by Dawson Church and Dr. Joe Dispenza, they discovered that meditation creates massive increases in Delta waves and that the ratio of high-frequency brain waves, mostly beta waves to low-frequency delta waves, changes drastically as you meditate.

There is so much more going on with Heart Centred Tapping but safe to say that the combination I have developed is now changing lives and my only regret is that it was not around before but then without my experiences it may never have been created in the first place!

Oh and just to say, both my wife and I are back to vibrant health, and I have also managed to solve a twenty year diabetic condition and am finally free of medication now!  ;-)

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How can I Support You?

I use a combination of NLP,  EFT and Heart Centred Tapping and am available for private coaching over the internet or in person.

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I can't speak highly enough about this tapping approach. It can be used to help so many problems, physical and emotional. This guy Gary Williams is great, and he has got me from being someone who suffered acute anxiety about travelling to flying to New Zealand and back twice!

Lindsay Maddock

“Thank you, for your help Gary.  I have had traditional talk therapy and in a year, it never even uncovered or cleared the inner child and communication issues you cleared and only in just three sessions. I feel like I just graduated from a college course. Heart Centred EFT Tapping and you are amazing!  

Evie Abston

“Just love my work, one of my clients had an extreme fear of water, (she wants to learn how to swim ) So in a session at my home clinic using matrix Reimprinting, combined it with the new Heart Centred Tapping process we worked on the phobia.

Once we completed our session we set off down to the pool to test, “phobia completely gone”. What better way to be able to test these amazing protocols straight away after the session. good job” 

Aaran Church

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