What is Happiness

So what is happiness, can it be found it the latest gadget and if so how long does that last?

Imagine you wake up one morning and all you can hear is silence it is such a loud silence that you know something is wrong. Has world war three happened and I missed it?

After looking through your social media you see horrific sights of aliens taking people away but for some unknown reason you were left behind.

The electricity is still working and everything else seems normal but there are no human beings.

So you now have the opportunity to live a life of your dreams, drive the fastest car, wear the smartest clothes, eat whatever you want as and when you want it. The things you have always wanted all of your life.

How long would the pleasure last by having and using these material things?

Next time you see a headline offering you the life of your dreams just think about what may really be important in your life today.

Wishing you contentment in your life and all the love you can handle!