The New Tapping Points Explained

The New Tapping Points Explained

Traditional tapping that you may have used before or come across in some way may well be outdated and although still effective at getting the job done, still uses points that are no longer required and may take up much of your time in practicing and learning, and are not necessary to bring about the healing you require.

Evolution is an important factor in the development of any successful process and growth is key to its development. With Heart Centred Tapping we have evolved new tapping points and the following explains what they are and why they are used. So, let’s look at the points that we use in Heart Centred Tapping and the benefits according to acupuncture and acupressure.

Side of Hand Point or Karate chop

In Chinese medicine this is called the Small Intestine point and when tapped it benefits the neck and back, treats hysteria and mania and feelings of self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. When blocked the meridian can cause anxiety, bad judgment, and self-hate.

Top of the head or the Crown point

In Chinese medicine this is an important point and is where many meridians meet. So, by tapping on this point you are connecting with those meridians all in one go. You will also be improving your mental clarity, brightening up the overall look of the face and complexion as well as enhancing your eyes, and relieving pressure and tension in the head and drainage in the nasal passages.In Indian philosophy it is called the “Thousand Petal Lotus” (Sahasrara Chakra), the 7th or crown chakra, better known as the wheel or circle of energy.

This point also affects:

  • both the cells of the brain and the nervous system
  • healthy growth and development of more branching and connections of the axons—wiring the brain to think/do/know more
  • the activity of the brain/nervous system; stimulating and increasing activity
  • awareness or alertness, or reviving after fainting/dizziness, or treating fatigue
  • raising acuity of hearing, vision and can be used to treat prolapse of organs and sinking symptoms
  • the nervous system, sedating and calming and helping to treat stroke, epilepsy, lockjaw, manic episodes, hypertension and much more.

The Third eye point

The third eye point also releases tension in the forehead and clears the nasal passages. There is an ancient tradition of placing a red mark between the eyebrows (as seen on temple deities) to represent wisdom and enlightenment. This practice, which originated in India, was brought to China with Buddhism.  Tapping this point on its own can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety, headaches, issues of the nose, including stuffy/runny nose, allergies, and sinus infection.

The Thymus

This is an important point and in ancient history warriors would thump this point in preparation for going into a battle, just like apes do.  This is meant to give them courage and increase life’s fire. In Greek, thymus means life energy and if you have studied the energy system of the body or chakras you will be aware that it is known as the higher heart chakra, and the Vagus nerve carries information between the brain and the body, and is stimulated each time we tap or thump on the thymus with a clenched fist.

We do know that the thymus controls the immune system so tapping on it will help to stimulate, encourage and boost a healthy immune system. Just like the top of the head or crown point, many meridians are covered when we tap on this point.

Under Arm Point

This point is where Qi is distributed and regulated, it treats weariness of the four limbs and pain in the whole body. As Spleen energy flows through it is related to the emotion of worry, spreading Qi and relieving emotional constraint in the chest, and helps relieve some emotional suffering as well.

Wrist Point

The wrist point when slapped gently with the palm facing upwards is useful for treating chest pain, clearing the brain, angina, anxiety and palpitations. It has also been known to help with alleviating nausea and helps to calm the spirit. Whilst finally treating anxiety, insomnia, mania, and apprehension.

What else is Different?

  • Gary Craig’s EFT Tapping presuppose that there is a blockage in the energy system
  • Matrix Reimprinting (MR) a form of tapping works with ECHOs
  • Robert Smith has borrowed from the NLP concept that says that we are not broken and do not need fixing
  • Acupuncture, Acupressure and Chinese Medicine (TCM) suggests the person is broken and needs fixing neither is right or wrong

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