The Meditation and Alpha State

What I have discovered through working with others when using the process is that the method allows you to slip into an alpha state of mind gently and simply. An “alpha state of mind” is what scientists associate with “right brain” activity, or our subjective senses of imagination, creativity, memory, and intuition. When you are actively awake, you are typically in a state of mind known as Beta, with brainwave activity between 14 and 30 HZ. When your brain wave activity slows down to between 7 and 14 HZ, you are said to be in an alpha state. The state helps to create a “relaxed” state of mind that allows you to be more:

  •     receptive
  •     open
  •     creative
  •     less critical of yourself
  •     less likely to sabotage your results

In history, Edison, Einstein, and many other brilliant minds, considered a daily ritual of accessing an alpha state of mind essential to the discoveries that in time changed the world we live in. As you will become aware, we will be incorporating meditation into the process and as you read on you will discover more about the power of combining EFT Tapping with a meditational process.

Initial early research into EFT and Tapping looked at the psychological and all kinds of symptoms that we could measure to see what was happening with EFT or Tapping.The research was very simple, such as measuring people’s levels of cravings for salt, sugar, chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, pastries, and all kinds of things. The results showed that the levels of cravings dropped by 83% during a half hour of tapping. Even pain went down by 68% in a half hour of tapping and all kinds of shifts happened in the psychology and perception.

It was only after that research was undertaken by people like Dawson church in around 2006 to 2008, that more questions were asked about the big drops in pain, cravings, anxiety, depression, and stress. It was becoming apparent that things must be happening inside people’s bodies, minds, and neurology, because what our psychology changes, our biology changes. There’s no mind-body split, the mind-body is a complete construct, it’s our minds and bodies functioning on a continuum.

In a research project on meditation conducted by Dawson Church and Dr. Joe Dispenza, they discovered that meditation creates massive increases in Delta waves and that the ratio of high-frequency brain waves, mostly beta waves to low-frequency delta waves, changes drastically as you meditate.

In a recent workshop at New York’s urban center they had people hooked up to EEG machines and had neurofeedback experts reading the alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma waves whilst they were being tapped. Dawson said that “it was amazing to see the reaction of the neuroscientists who were seeing amazing things happening, huge increases in Delta, the wave of oceanic bliss, and theta waves that are the characteristic gray wave of healers”.

Similar research has been done by Dr. Robert Beck in the 1960s with meditators, highly creative people and Yogis and what was found was that when they were in their normal waking states their brainwaves were just like yours or mine, normal brain function, but when they entered the healing space of compassion in their hearts and sent out love to other people by using their hands to heal, there was a large increase in slow theta waves, known to be the waves of healing.

Also Chi masters were projecting Qigong into their clients and others were psychics, and as he thought it didn’t matter what their philosophical or religious background was, Native American shamans to Australian Aboriginal shamans to modern faith healers, Healing Touch practitioners to Pentecostals all of them, when they were in that healing space they had huge flares of theta waves and Delta, things like just touching a baby’s cheek produces big increase in Delta and also as we meditate and  tap our waves change dramatically. One of the earliest people calling themselves a psychologist was Bill Holland he had a lab in Leipzig in Germany in 1860s and 1870s, and he was doing experiments with primates and he talked about that mind-body continuum, this is a hundred and fifty years ago.

It is only in the recent twentieth century that the illusion has arisen that we should treat people’s bodies independently of their minds. With Heart Centred Tapping we are bringing the mind and body together and the process creates a calmness and connection that allows your inner gifts to emerge in a profound way. Not always with the first attempt at using the process, but over time and sometimes out of your own conscious awareness.  Many people say that others have spotted a difference about them before they realise that there has been a shift in that regard.

The tapping, affirmations, counting and the alpha state that the process creates helps you to discover a stillness and calm that you may not have experienced for some time, if at all in your life. It leads the way into a profound meditation and in that moment the conflicts and challenges of work and family life, friends and the bustle and hustle are left behind. Clearing a space for clarity as you work on the issues that may be limiting you and blocking you from personal success in many areas.

One part of the process may be a little challenging as with Heart Centred Tapping we go into the future to create the results we are looking for and not back into the past. This is a complete departure from traditional EFT Tapping and I will explain more about this as we move on here.

The Benefits:

  •     Immediate accessibility into the subconscious mind without being distracted
  •     The ability to resolve past hurts and emotional challenges in a profound way
  •     A reduction in mental tension and stressful feelings
  •     Physical and mental relaxation leading to self realisation over time and with daily practice

As I develop this process many topics will be covered and with Heart Centred Tapping we are able to access deeper core levels and not just the surface level that some methodologies explore.

This may be a challenge for some as change creates fear, but if you are open to taking the first steps in the direction of transformation I will help you to build a momentum and move forward with each gentle step we take together.

I have experienced life changing events, such as a near death experience that has been a true gift to me and has left me even more passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with you in, the hope that you will realise the importance of using the process I have for you here, to lighten or even prevent any future pain or chronic conditions that can occur to any of us, if we do not take full responsibility for our own health and well-being.

As you follow me and the new Heart Centred Tapping you will discover many ways to work on your health, wealth, and future happiness. I will be drawing on my own personal knowledge that I have gained from well over ten years of study, and that I have the pleasure of offering you here.  More about those methods and techniques later as we go through, but what is more important is not what tools we will be sharing with each other, but how they can help you in the real world today.

“Life is to be experienced and transformation is not a destination, it is a journey”.