Tapping on your Dreams

We are the creators of our dreams and for most of our lives we inhabit this mysterious and puzzling world. Important decisions in history have been made using dream interpretation and prediction. Both monks and ancient Babylonian scholars studied dream symbols and theorized about their meaning in order to make sense of their world. Because our dream symbols come from current experience and cultural influences, many of the images in modern dreams are very different from those of ancient civilizations.

As we sleep, dreams cast a shadow before us like a flowing stream, revealing future twists and turns and possible turbulence to come. Some images may appear strange but they are all part of a relevant and meaningful story concerning you and your life. We all dream over a million dreams in a lifetime and research has shown that everyone dreams, even though the dreams may not be remembered. Every morning and at night before you go to sleep ask yourself how you are doing.

When waking in the morning, if you have any emotion left over from a dream or nightmare work on those feelings withAdvanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping and you may find an insight as to why you dreamt what you did, and also it will help to clear any negativity that may over-shadow you and continue into your day.

Make a note about the feelings, and the places in the body that you experience them.


Nightmares can be very healing as they help to bring unconscious fears and anxieties to the surface which may help to create a solution to whatever it might be that is troubling us. When we dream we sometimes open up a part of ourselves that we do not want to look at in real life. We must face this denial to enable a real understanding of ourselves to come about.

During the day our subconscious mind gathers information and events of which we are unaware, and when we fall asleep a picture is pieced together like a jigsaw.Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping will help you with the missing pieces so that you can form your own picture and gain an overall view. Dream knowledge can be a useful key to unlocking your potential and developing mind, body and spirit.

To interpret your dreams you need to learn your own inner language. It may help to imagine your dream as a personal painting which has been lovingly created. Colour can be one of the most important aspects of your dream to interpret, and you can look at the section related to colour, numbers and other common dream elements to find out more.

It is important to note that conditions around you can affect your dreams. Cold or draughty rooms may cause a dream of an iceberg, and a hot night could produce a dream of a desert scene. The same concept applies to hearing. In fact all the senses can play a part. A television program or play, or an event during the day might be re-run in the form of a dream.

Dreams may be affected by over-indulgence in food or alcohol. For this reason such dreams would not be used for interpretation purposes. Any form of illness or trauma could also make your dream difficult to interpret, although in such cases, dreams may be mirroring these events. Recurring dreams are generally connected with physical or psychological problems, and have nothing to do with prediction. If you find the dream appears two or three times, then it is worth looking for a hidden message.     

No one dream can provide “The Answer,” to all of your problems but all of them put together, when remembering their high points, provide a whole profound “sense” of what to do, “program your dreams” to create answers and insights for a problem in your life. Ideas and insights are among our most valuable commodities and are responsible for countless improvements in the quality of our lives.

It could be argued that ideas are the most valuable assets we have because, from them, spring just about anything you can name.  Virtually every product or technique you use came from an idea. This includes, of course,Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping.

So, what about using Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping & Dreams to provide ideas aimed at solving worldwide political problems? Or business problems? Or relationship problems? Inventors could make superb use of this idea as could teachers, artists, writers and performers. Just use Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping to release any “dreaming blocks” and then go to sleep.

You may like to plant in your subconscious before you go to sleep the thought that you will have a very meaningful dream that would provide an answer/insight into how to deal with a problem. So right before going to bed tap for:

* “Even though I won’t have a dream that will give me an answer to this problem.”

* “Even though I am stuck on this problem of __________ and want my dreams tonight to provide an answer or insight”

* “Even though my dream state may not be open to providing an answer or insight to my problem of______”

* “Even though I may resist the ability of my dreams to provide an answer or insight to my problem of _________”


Try writing down relevant questions you may have before going to sleep. When you first awaken it is important that you make the transition as gently and smoothly as possible. Do not get up straight away. You need to lie back and think for a while, running through all the elements of your dream and only then rising from your bed to make notes or use a tape recorder. Using an alarm may cause you to forget your dream immediately, so it is preferable to use your own internal alarm clock.

When you wake, it is important that you do not move from the position you woke up in! Breath deeply and calmly, as you recall your dream.

Keep in mind that the more you work on your dreams the more vivid and fulfilling they will become. Before falling asleep make a mental note to remember your dream. At the end of a dream period spend some time recalling your dream impressions. Do not suppress your dream emotions.

Try to recall “unimportant” details and work out some symbolic features. There may be one main feature that stands out. This is the part of the dream that should be considered first. Once you have done this you could try asking the following questions….Were you aggressive, assertive, passive, active, etc in the dream?

1)  What emotions did you feel and those of other characters?

2)  What is going on in your life that might be mirrored in the dream?

3)  Who are the main characters?

4)  Did you dream of actual people, or were they imaginary?

5)  Are the characters in the dream different aspects of yourself?

6)  What are the main symbols in the dream? (for example: animals, home, water etc.)

7)  How might this relate to my emotions or personality?

8)  What actions did you take in the dream?

9)  Were you avoiding something in the dream?

10) Does the dream relate to a past memory?

11) Why is the dream drawing this part of my past to my attention?

12) What is the positive message in the dream?

If you wish you may record your dreams and build a day by day record, and in so doing develop a greater understanding of yourself. Work with your dreams but also you need to consider what you are ultimately aiming to produce in your life – and then look at how you can useAdvanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping to bring yourself into more positive ways of being. Once you have dealt with an issue you may have a number of other issues coming up for you.

Deal with them also using the Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping process. Do not worry about having to work on your issues forever as the magic thing about Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping is that it has a cumulative effect. Just like tumbling dominoes, if you line them all up in a row, as one falls down the rest will follow until there are no dominoes.

Wishing you tapping success.


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