Day Three – What is Heart Centred Tapping?

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart.” Helen Keller

If you hae signed up for the 5 Day Emotional Cleanse you would have been sent an email with a link to the Heart Centred Tapping process on not being good enough, it is now time to study this on Day 3 and you can also watch a video below that explains more.

Here you will discover the basic premise that is behind the new Heart Centred Tapping process, how it works, what to use it for and why it is an innovation from past ways of using the tapping process. I hope you will be able to apply it in all the areas of your life that you find challenging as I develop the process daily.

Anyone who works with emotions and helps others will at some point come to realise the connection between the heart centre and the emotions. I believe we are rediscovering knowledge that we already know deep down, and which goes back into prehistory, ancient philosophers and scientists such as Aristotle and the Roman physician Galen considered the heart as the seat of thought, emotion, passion and reason.

The Egyptians believed that your heart would be weighed before you went through to the afterlife and that only those with a light heart could go through as it was a reflection of the kindness and good deeds that had been performed whilst alive. You will hear daily expressions such as knowing something off by heart, doing something to your heart’s content, eat your heart out, having your heart in your mouth, crossing your heart to maintain the truth, wearing your heart upon your sleeve, breaking someone’s heart or heartbreak, having the heart to do something, taking heart or many other forms of emotions and ways of being that are connected with the heart.

So let’s get to the heart of what I am expressing today.

I believe that if we connect with the heart we can solve many problems in a way that doesn’t involve so much muddle and struggle, and by doing so we can reconnect with our emotional guidance system. In life we are guided by our thoughts and the mind, but this process can lead to negative thinking taking over, especially if this is done constantly.

The neurology in your brain develops pathways and chooses the quickest and most travelled route so the more you think in a certain way the more likely you are to follow the same pattern again. This is good news if you decide to observe yourself or your thinking and choose positive actions and thinking over negative ways of being, but sadly you may be aware that many choose the negative pattern over the positive and I hope this will change over time.

We are creatures of habit and if I were to show you a short cut to work that really saved you time would you still go around the long way just because that is the way you have always done things? This is why I say we are hot wired to follow certain paths but this can be changed with persistence.

We also have to recognise that our internal systems are flawed as we have other ancient parts of us that take over in the background and then prevent us from moving into a state of coherence. You may have heard me talk before about how the Amygdala keeps us stuck but is an important part of us that also keeps us safe and away from danger.

Acting like an alarm at the first sign of any danger, but an alarm that these days is being set off constantly by the stress of everyday living, and believe me when this process is running riot nothing constructive can be achieved. When this process starts we go into fight, flight or freeze and blood is pushed to the parts of our body that need it to fight a raging tiger, or just to run away when in danger or under pressure.

This removes blood from the brain and then we are not able to use our brains in the normal way and logical creative thinking breaks down. This is why I get so many people saying that when using tapping, the harder they try to think or be creative when making or formulating statements, the harder it becomes and the brain becomes slow and ideas are not forthcoming, so the results we are looking for seem to escape us.

So what is needed is a method to calm down the Amygdala and the fight, flight or freeze mechanism and allow your brain to relax and continue with reasoned thinking, and with Heart Centred Tapping we let the heart rule and the heart is like a thermostat.

The Heart produces important hormones, atrial peptides, and reduces stress hormones such as cortisol. It changes your moods and feelings and also produces electromagnetic fields. It controls the tension and stress inside you.


You can alter the response by focusing on your breathing, slowing down your body and mind with every deeper breath you take, until a state of calm persists.

From my experience as you place your hand on your heart, controlling your breathing and asking yourself important questions about your issues as you focus on your breathing, with patience and persistence new insights will come.

Try this combination for yourself, just before tapping and then after each round of tapping has finished and this will help you to discover new insights from each trapping session, and give you something new to tap on as you progress. You can use Heart Centred Tapping on any subject and focus on the issues around that subject as you place your palm on your heart and meditate on the problem.

Comfort Points

When we tap we use comfort points on our body the same as when we touch, hold, pat or rub ourselves for comfort and we naturally reach out to comfort others in the same way. These same points have also been used in acupuncture for thousands of years helping others to get beyond limiting conditions and also giving effective relief from stress.

But how does a process of tapping on points on the face, body and the side of the hand help with emotional and physical conditions?

It all seems a little far fetched, but believe me over a period of ten years I have seen dramatic changes in many conditions and life changing transformations with time and patience. The only real way of discovering the effectiveness of Heart Centred Tapping is to try it for yourself. It is not always a quick fix but that is possible, and with time and commitment you will be pleased at how easy it is to learn the art of the process and be able to call upon it to help you discover a life of health, wealth and happiness.

Go to step four…

Wishing you tapping success


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2 thoughts on “Day Three – What is Heart Centred Tapping?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these with such a humble and informative way.

    I only practiced 2 tappings but feeling that a lot of weight has lifted off me.

    What you shared about ANGER as an only destructive means has stopped me today becoming angry with my teenage daughter and let me escape from the trap that was happening all the time. Also this energy types triangle, square and circle made me realize how am I reacting to situations. Thanks again, as a person using too much of her brain, I will do my best to shift the control from my thoughts to my heart, at least try to balance. Especially after reading your blog I understand that when interacting with people closest to us we should listen to our hearts not our minds.
    I am hoping to use this effectively and share this to others in need. Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments and I love the fact that I have helped you in some way and that you have benefited from my own discoveries on my journey.

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