S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This can be an issue at so many levels, causing all kinds of limitations for the sufferer, including wanting to sleep longer and not getting out of bed as energy levels drop and depression creeps in.

My views are a little more radical around this issues and I don’t claim to be an expert but the clue to the problem itself.

Look at the fact that suffers do not have energy, want to sleep etc, what do you think is natural to do around this time of year if you are in the northern hemisphere?

If we go back to ancient times the onset of the darker nights would mean we would sleep longer and would have prepared food and supplies to last over the winter period so that we did not need to hunt and use up our energy in doing so. As darkness fell we would fall asleep etc.

In modern life the demands of our stressful existence go against that natural process of hibernation and this is the real issue, in that we are fighting against nature.

I always found it hard to work on a night shift and it made me so ill and there is alo evidence that many accidents are caused by night workers who are up driving during the day.

Our body clocks are confused and I don’t believe medicating ourselves is going to offer much in the way of hope for those who are suffering in this way.

What is needed is a radical rethink about our lifestyle if we suffer in this way, paying attention more to these important areas and using Heart Centred Tapping to help us create this way of being and also helping with the stress if we are challenged to do so.

Here are some thoughts about what may help:

  1. We need to exercise to keep the important happy chemicals flowing through our system, but not and form of exercise that is going to stress us and burn up to much energy. So Tai Chi and some forms of gentle Yoga would be a good choice for these times of year.
  2. Eating the right food that does not include carbohydrates that will turn to sugar in our bodies, the issue is though we will crave them at this time of year so this is an important area to tap on.
  3. Look at our patterns of thinking that may lead to depression and other negative ways of thinking and again use tapping to improve the positive thoughts that you can manifest instead.
  4. Avoid self punishment and choose to be kind to yourself at all times. We learn so many beliefs about ourselves from others that may not serve us and we even copy their language, including using words such as, must, have too, can’t etc. Learn better choices in this regard as words resonate and create feelings. Also allow yourself some time out free from stress however you can manage it.

Above all use tapping to do all of the above.

Taping from the heart


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