Private Coaching

Welcome to the private coaching area. Here you will find more details about what Gary can offer you and how to make a payment

If you know Gary's work you will know that he has been helping people successfully for over a decade and continues to help them to transform every aspect of their lives, easily with both traditional EFT and the new Heart Centred EFT Tapping.

If you are looking for help with all kinds of emotional or physical challenges then you are in the right place.

Our lives are full of limitations that hold us back from reaching our true potential and with EFT Tapping we can work together to overcome these blocks.

Helping you to discover a greater sense of well-being in mind, body and soul.

1. After making contact with Gary and booking a time for your session please follow the instructions below.

2.Use the drop down menu to select how many sessions you want

3. Then push the paypal Add to Cart button after making your selection.

All major cards accepted.

Your Payment Options:

one session Just $59 around £45

Two sessions just $110

Three sessions just $170

A discount the more sessions that are booked

Choose a Session
One, Two or Three Sessions

“Thank you, for your help Gary.  I have had traditional talk therapy and in a year it never even uncovered or cleared the inner child and communication.issues we cleared and only in just three sessions. I feel like I just graduated from a college course. Heart Centred EFT Tapping and you are amazing!

 Evie Abston