Practitioner Preparation

I have been watching another episode of the dog whisperer today and it always intrigues me how well he tunes into the energy and the psychology of dogs and changes aggressive dogs into lovable, healthy and stable pets.

He often talks about how our energy and state can be transferred through the leash into the animal and I believe when we work with clients there is this unseen umbilical type process that connects us with the client.

It could well be the heart connection, as we now know scientifically that we resonate and connect with others in this way up to 5 feet away, and we can change each other’s energy. This is why I recommend for others, and have incorporated into my own work, a ritual before working with others.  

It simply involves getting myself into a calm state of mind and there are many ways of doing this through meditation, yoga breathing or just being still for a while before you start to work with others.

This is so important and can greatly improve your results and is also a state to return to during and after the treatment.  The work starts with ourselves, including working on ourselves in relation to our emotional challenges and then we can be in the right state for our clients.