The Tap with Gary Workshop


Discover for yourself the Tap with Gary Technique

A new way of tapping that is heart centred and goes deeper into the subconscious mind. Come join me on a workshop…

This is what you will be learning:

  • Loving the Self

We all have hidden feelings of not being good enough in some area of our lives and our inner critic ends up creating limiting beliefs, values and culture that can hold us back from reaching our true potential. What holds you back from becoming the confident, strong and vibrant person you could be?

  • Releasing Stress

Some forms of stress can be motivating but our daily stress loads from chemical, emotional and physical stress can hinder us, draining vital energy, causing anxiety, chronic health conditions and more. What shape is your energy in?

  • Dealing with Subtle Addictions and Attachments

From birth we learn to attach ourselves to people and things and they can become addictive, causing us to look for happiness in all the wrong places. What’s your subtle addiction?

  • Past Hurts and Present Frustrations

Thinking about past hurts and making them real in this moment with the power of our imagination or judging others can lead to all kinds of poisons being produced deep inside us. When we release and forgive others we are releasing ourselves. Is there someone you are still carrying around with you?

  • Embracing Change and Releasing Fears

We all have many fears around life and those that we have gathered from others. When we look at both the upside and downside of getting beyond them this will help embrace the change that is needed that leads to personal transformation. What blocks do you have to personal change and transformation?

  • Relationship Myths and Challenges

There are so many relationship and love myths that build false expectations and stop us from building loving and passionate relationships. We also have a limited understanding around how to form relationships with anyone we meet by failing to really listen and we get caught up with ego instead of learning how to give. What stops you from forming nurturing, compassionate and rewarding relationships, not just with others but with yourself?

  • Benefits of Unconditional Gratitude and Personal Meditation

It is now scientifically proven that both meditation and  gratitude can improve your health and people who do it live happier lives. How can gratitude help you and what is the best form of meditation that can help heal your body mind and soul?

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