Electrical Energy and the Meridians

More recently I have been drawn to more scientific concepts using theories based on brain science, in that when we touch points on the face or body, we are interfering with the neurological processes of the brain and sending messages that we are safe.

As you think about a negative thought or replay an emotional event in your mind, the touch sends a signal to the brain to say that you are safe in this moment of time, this then stops the neurological connection from happening in the brain and peace is then returned and the negative thought is dissipated.

Going deeper into that concept, your delta waves expand up to 80-fold, you have a massive increase in delta waves and delta waves are the basic waves of your sense of connection with the universe and your sense of well-being.

It is the same state that meditators, like Tibetan monks, are in when they experience a state of oceanic bliss. They are going into an alpha state and then theta and then finally into a delta state that slows the brain waves down as they have a large increase of delta waves. All of this combined with the meditational process that we use in this Heart  Centred Tapping process, is what enables us to do the deeper work and get better results.

Taking the research further I am now able to expand the possibilities from my discoveries working with Advanced Clearing Energetics and Richard Flook, its creator, who has extensive research.

Amongst many important areas that I will be sharing with you is work from many respected Scientists, including Bjorn Nordenstrom, who has been postulating that the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang or positive and negative in meridians is a bridge to his new discoveries of electromagnetic energy in the body that runs through the blood in the same way that has been claimed to flow through the meridians.

Nordenstrom claims that when we suffer a trauma or what is known as a UDIN, a Biologically Closed Electrical Circuit is created that traps the information of the event or the energy. This is a theory that is the mainstay behind the Emotional Freedom Techniques, and that the tapping in some way unblocks the energy.

So, when we tap, touch, hold, pat or rub ourselves for comfort or naturally reach out to comfort others, we are unlocking the disruption as is the case also in acupuncture and tapping. It all seems a little far fetched, but believe me when I say that I have seen dramatic changes in many conditions and life changing transformations with time and patience.