Heart Centred Tapping
Crete Retreat with Gary Williams

Sun, Sea and Transformation with the EFT Tapping Crete Retreat

It is with great pleasure that I now have the opportunity to offer you the Crete Retreat, with you in mind.

Offering personal coaching that would not be available in a larger workshop. 

Your chance to work in a small group and have personal attention as we work together on your life issues and challenges with the goal of helping you to discover a life with greater happiness and a passion for living, plus a blueprint for discovering your future path and potential that will lead to success in work, relationships both intimate and with family and friends.

You would have to spend a great deal of money, attending many workshops to achieve what you will on this retreat and more then that you will also enjoy some downtime in the company of like minded people and make friends for life.

Crete Retreat Benefits


A chance to recharge your life with personal and group coaching.

Plus  good food, positive company, swimming, walking, meditation and relaxation in the sunshine and the ambiance of a beautiful part of Crete.


Tapping on Toxic People

One of the major blocks that holds us back and stops us from reaching our true potential is the negative effect toxic people can have over us. They can drain our energy and destroy our dreams and we need to break the toxic cord of energy that flows between us. 

Tapping on Toxic Events 

Most of the work I do with clients is working on past events that can be damaging and prevent our true potential from emerging. 

Heart Centred Tapping helps to release us and the toxic emotions that are generated by our thoughts and actions related to the past events.

Tapping on Toxic Emotions

Why do we keep repeating the same thoughts and end up feeling the same emotions in an ever repeating cycle, especially when they are negative and unproductive?

Learn how to free yourself from toxic emotions, such as anger, shame, envy, judgment and more.

Happyology with Tapping

What is the true gift that life brings us, is it wealth, material goods or fame? What is the true meaning of happiness and how can you discover it in yourself? You may be surprised at what true happiness is and how you can discover it for yourself. 

What Others Say about Heart Centred Tapping


“I used this on myself Gary, I was only able to do 2 rounds for sciatic pain as Iwas in a bit of a rush to get to a meeting. I felt a bit of a shift but not much. An hour later though, I noticed the pain had gone completely. Next I used it on my husband for an issue that was making him anxious, about a 7. After one round it was completely gone! He was astounded (we are both EFT practitioners), and he kept testing it and anxiety was gone. Love this technique” 

Mahikan Trails


“Just love my work, One of my  clients had an extreme fear of water, ( she wants to learn how to swim ) So in a session at my home clinic using matrix Reimprinting, combined it with the new Heart Centred Tapping Tapping process. We worked on the phobia and once we had completed our session we set off down to the pool to test, “phobia completely gone”. What better way to be able to test these amazing protocols straight away after the session. good job” 

Aaran Church


Thank you, for your help Gary.  I have had traditional talk therapy and in a year it never even uncovered or cleared the inner child and communication.issues we cleared and only in just three sessions. i feel like i just graduated from a college course. heart centred eft tapping and you are amazing!

Evie Abston

Your Coach

 Gary Williams

Crete is one of my very special places and for many years now it has helped me to re charge my energy with the warm climate the healthy life style and the time spent with the authentic and inspiring people I have shared time with, many famous teachers and philosophers were all Greek and I hope that together we can share the beauty of the island and come away with memories and friendships that will last a life time whilst discovering a life worth living with the work we do.

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If you would like more details about the structure of the transformation Gary will be doing during the retreat and how it can benefit you please make contact with Gary so that he can share the details in person with you.

COST $717 Around £550

IMPORTANT: Flights not included

WHEN: 26 July - 1 August 2018

VENUE:  Litiniana Villas, Triopetra, 74100, Rethymno, Crete  (Google Litiniana Villas, Triopetra, Crete)

Book your place easily with our secure payment process from the button below. Once you have booked Gary will share all the details with you and answer any questions you may have.

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