Day Five – Personality Dominance

Another way of getting to the core of what stresses you other than your day
to day stressors is in the form of your relationships to others. We can carry
emotional stress around for years and not even be aware that someone else’s
influence is restricting us subconsciously and sometimes in a very powerful way.

I believe, although it sounds simplistic, that all emotional problems stem from a trauma or what I call a personality dominance from someone else or even a combination of the two.

It is not realistic to work on a trauma here as this should be done under the guidance of a qualified health professional but we can take away a large part of what stresses you by performing this next exercise.

Discovering the Dominance and Whose Suit are you Wearing?

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Day Four – Tapping on Forgiveness

In the following example we will be looking at forgiveness as this is always a good place to start your journey and daily healing practice. I am a great lover of Hoʻoponopono
(ho-o-pono-pono) and if you have not been aware of this process it is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

I find that it combines very well with tapping and I use it to increase the resonance of the process and get into core aspects of forgiveness. But why is forgiveness so important? In many Polynesian cultures it is believed that, and I believe also, that a person’s errors (called hara or hala) can lead to illness and that the guilt caused by these errors will lead to some form of sickness.

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Day Three – What is Heart Centred Tapping?

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart.” Helen Keller

If you hae signed up for the 5 Day Emotional Cleanse you would have been sent an email with a link to the Heart Centred Tapping process on not being good enough, it is now time to study this on Day 3 and you can also watch a video below that explains more.

Here you will discover the basic premise that is behind the new Heart Centred Tapping process, how it works, what to use it for and why it is an innovation from past ways of using the tapping process. I hope you will be able to apply it in all the areas of your life that you find challenging as I develop the process daily.

Anyone who works with emotions and helps others will at some point come to realise the connection between the heart centre and the emotions. I believe we are rediscovering knowledge that we already know deep down, and which goes back into prehistory, ancient philosophers and scientists such as Aristotle and the Roman physician Galen considered the heart as the seat of thought, emotion, passion and reason.

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Day Two – Stressful Thoughts and Feelings

So we have seen how our thoughts can impact us physically and stress is no different in that regard, how we think about the stress in our life can either increase or decrease our chances of it affecting us in a negative way, such as panic attacks, heart problems and other chronic conditions.

Having a better understanding of how all this works will help you and also you will begin to see the importance of meditation and other calming methods in training our minds to let go of stressful feelings and then when combined with the tapping this becomes a very powerful combination.

Bonus, something that can help with your health if done daily – Morning Qi Gong

Who am I to start talking to you about stress?

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5 Day Emotional Cleanse

Here you will discover the basic premise that is behind my Tapping work, and I hope you will be able to apply the following in all the areas of your life that you find challenging. I am developing the process daily so please keep in touch.

Imagine transforming your weight easily by creating a healthier lifestyle, whilst also breaking through blocks to abundant success and creating a more blissful and loving relationship, with yourself and others! As I develop this process many topics will be covered and with Heart Centred Tapping we are able to access core, deeper levels and not just the surface level that some methodologies explore. Continue reading