Who does the ironing?

Often things like domestic chores bring out some very strong beliefs and issues in relationships.

Beliefs that were brought into existence by your parents or their parents before them. We are not being negative or blaming people for attitudes that may now seem outdated, or not according to your standpoint, but it interesting how these beliefs can end up impacting a relationship, and it is important that when in a relationship we explore these areas openly and seek out positive resolution. Continue reading

An Irritating Husband

Recently I received an email from a lady called Caroline who is suffering from what appears to be an unreasonable husband who on the face of it doesn’t seem to care about her. But the problem is that some people are not even aware that they may be upsetting others. This can also be the case with ourselves as we may be unaware of the irritation we are causing to other.

Here is the email… Continue reading