Tapping on Change

Change can be one of the most difficult areas in life to deal with. Changing our life in some way and all the fears that come with that.

Sometimes it feels safer to remain stuck even when it does not benefit you to do so.

Our unconscious learns to take the fastest and easiest root, just like going to work we learn a way to go and stick with it. The brain works in the same way so that if we learn to think negative thoughts all the time we keep repeating that pattern

We resist the change and find that we need to control and stay with the status quo, we feel uncertain, fearing the unknown and what it may bring.

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Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping for Coaches

Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping Protocol

Round One

Establish the emotion to tap on with the client and use their words from the information you have gathered to place after the “even though I have this anxiety” statement.

This is a statement of fact and brings out the energy or resonance of the problem and brings it alive in the body and the energy system, we are using the global term [anxiety] as an example in this tapping session.

Ask your client to start tapping on the Karate chop and repeat the following whilst saying it out loud.

“Even though I have this [anxiety] – and it wears me down, stresses me out, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and out of control – I accept myself in this moment of time”.

“Even though I have all of this [anxiety] – and it makes me feel tight, fearful and it leaves me dizzy – I accept myself in this moment of time”.

“Even though I have all of this [anxiety] – and it makes me frightened about the future and what it may bring – I accept myself in this moment of time”.

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S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This can be an issue at so many levels, causing all kinds of limitations for the sufferer, including wanting to sleep longer and not getting out of bed as energy levels drop and depression creeps in.

My views are a little more radical around this issues and I don’t claim to be an expert but the clue to the problem itself.

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Tapping on Bullying

I recently watched a video that brought up a great deal of anger for me and I realised that the source of that anger came from my past. This is why I am sharing a video today on this subject.

As many have experienced, bullying is such a damaging experience for the victim and some even take their lives as a direct result of this. I will not go into my personal history here as I am determined that those experiences from the past will not define my present state or my future. Continue reading