Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping and Humour

Humour gives us two important advantages, It offers a superior means for testing our work. If, indeed, the client can laugh or smile about some aspect of their issue (even rape, war trauma and the like) then we have sound evidence that we are making progress.

The “heaviness” is being lifted. It also offers a nearly ideal arena for reframing. For a client to genuinely see their issue from another perspective (reframing) is often the ultimate goal during healing sessions. Humour adds a form of “comic relief” and thus, in the midst of an otherwise heavy session, it adds a welcome perspective.

You will find that with the style of tapping we are using here, the humour will appear as your client rapprts back to you after each tapping round and sees things in a new light. Always encourage your client to tap and talk as this then works on releasing the energy of an issue as they bring it up in their system.

This creates best results.

From the heart


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