Feeling overwhelmed

How overwhelmed do you feel each and every day?

We come up against so many challenges in our daily life we can often start to feel a little out of control and stressed.

We have to deal with work, smartphones, email, family, relationship issues, finances and all whilst trying to make headway in life and achieve some kind of success.

This leads to burn out, not to mention lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions or even heart attachs over time. Continue reading

Tapping on Core Issues with Heart Centred Tapping

Tapping on core issues with Heart Centred Tapping is made easy with this video and information.

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend just how much the behaviour of others, especially caregivers can have over our later life and it is my hope that with the following tapping process you will make some important self discoveries by working on those past influences. Continue reading

A groundbreaking method to reverse diabetes


Join Gary Williams and Professor Roy Taylor as he shares his research into how you can get beyond diabetes and remain free from the disease.

Wishing you tapping success


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I do welcome private treatments with others who may need my help but I am limited in time and so there would be a cost involved when working with me using Heart Centred Tapping.

Contact me if you would like a session on an area that you are struggling with at the moment and we can work on Skype or Zoom.