Tapping on Change

Change can be one of the most difficult areas in life to deal with. Changing our life in some way and all the fears that come with that.

Sometimes it feels safer to remain stuck even when it does not benefit you to do so.

Our unconscious learns to take the fastest and easiest root, just like going to work we learn a way to go and stick with it. The brain works in the same way so that if we learn to think negative thoughts all the time we keep repeating that pattern

We resist the change and find that we need to control and stay with the status quo, we feel uncertain, fearing the unknown and what it may bring.

So today we are going to use Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping on the energy of that feeling and all we are ever doing with the tapping is working on the energy and allowing it to shift as and when it is ready to do so.

In nature energy is never stagnant it always moves and then creates more energy that is how life works.

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