LONDON - AUGUST 19 - 2017

It is time to re-connect with ourselves and discover our inner gifts!

Discover a more heart centred approach to tapping that goes deeper into the subconscious mind and leads you into a deep meditational experience.

IMPORTANT: This is an intimate group, sharing the energy in the room, with only 8 places available. 

£97 Reserve your space.

Starts at 9.30 a.m. August 19 - Near Turnham Green Tube Station - Chiswick in London​

I will show you how to use this process for your own personal transformation.

Download the Heart Centred Tapping Introduction manual here.

Watch an example of Heart Centred Tapping below...

What makes the process so effective is its deeper connection and the quick and easy results we get, here are just a few comments...

"Very interesting approach....effective and fast".

Sergio Lizárraga

"I used this on myself Gary, I was only able to do 2 rounds for sciatic pain as I was in a bit of a rush to get to a meeting. I felt a bit of a shift but not much. An hour later though, I noticed the pain had gone completely. Next I used it on my husband for an issue that was making him anxious, about a 7. After one round it was completely gone! He was astounded (we are both EFT practitioners), and he kept testing it and anxiety was gone. Love this technique"

Mahikan Trails

"After I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia last year, EFT became difficult as each time I tapped on certain areas, it caused the pain in my head to go worse. However, I am delighted to say that after using your new technique I have had no problems. I am now delighted to be able to continue with some form of EFT. Thank you, Gary".

Jacqui B

It is my hope that you can share in the inner peace I have discovered and take this process out into the world so that others will experience the benefits too. 

I am surrprised at just how fast this new process has taken off and also pleased at just how well it is working, and from something that was just originally created for procrastination and has now grown and is developing day by day.

Use this process and go deeper into your subconscious and allow your inner gifts to come through, attend the workshop by clicking on the payment option above and secure your place today. 

You do not need to have knowledge of tapping to take part in this workshop, all levels are welcome.

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Wishing you tapping success!

Gary Williams​

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