The New Tapping Points Explained

The New Tapping Points Explained

Traditional tapping that you may have used before or come across in some way may well be outdated and although still effective at getting the job done, still uses points that are no longer required and may take up much of your time in practicing and learning, and are not necessary to bring about the healing you require.

Evolution is an important factor in the development of any successful process and growth is key to its development. With Heart Centred Tapping we have evolved new tapping points and the following explains what they are and why they are used. So, let’s look at the points that we use in Heart Centred Tapping and the benefits according to acupuncture and acupressure. Continue reading

How Tapping Works

How Tapping Works

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to research as to why the tapping points we use on the body are so effective. It has often been the opinion of many, including both Roger Callahan and Gary Craig, that the Acupuncture points we use have a connection with energy flows through meridians or channels in the body known as Qi energy, like blood flowing through the body. Qi (chi) energy flows through this meridian or energy highway, accessing all parts of the body.

Meridians can be mapped throughout the body; they flow within the body and not on the surface. Meridians exist in corresponding pairs and each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path. These concepts come from traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Continue reading

The History of Tapping

The History of Tapping

Although tapping is a recent discovery in the West, some of the ingredients have evolved over the course of thousands of years. You may now be aware of such energy healing as Acupuncture.  In China the yellow emperor published a classic text on  Acupuncture which is being used to this day, we also use the same points as in Acupuncture but there is no need for needles.

Legend says that the use of this kind of healing began over five thousand years ago, when warriors found that when they were hit by knives or arrows, old illnesses and problems disappeared as a result of the injury. Energy healing using acupoints may not only emanate from the Chinese as has been previously thought. There is now some evidence to support the notion that a form of acupuncture was practised by Neolithic man in Central Europe.

Around the late 70’s, Roger Callahan began to form what is known as Thought Field Therapy, using a process that includes tapping the meridians and muscle testing.  Roger Callahan found that whilst tapping under the eye on a patient named Mary, it helped with her stomach problem but also purely by chance it helped to deal with her fear of water.  He found that Mary was able to go to the pool’s edge, and splash water on her face, something she was unable to do before. Continue reading

Tapping on Change

Change can be one of the most difficult areas in life to deal with. Changing our life in some way and all the fears that come with that.

Sometimes it feels safer to remain stuck even when it does not benefit you to do so.

Our unconscious learns to take the fastest and easiest root, just like going to work we learn a way to go and stick with it. The brain works in the same way so that if we learn to think negative thoughts all the time we keep repeating that pattern

We resist the change and find that we need to control and stay with the status quo, we feel uncertain, fearing the unknown and what it may bring.

Continue reading

Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping for Coaches

Advanced Heart Centred EFT Tapping Protocol

Round One

Establish the emotion to tap on with the client and use their words from the information you have gathered to place after the “even though I have this anxiety” statement.

This is a statement of fact and brings out the energy or resonance of the problem and brings it alive in the body and the energy system, we are using the global term [anxiety] as an example in this tapping session.

Ask your client to start tapping on the Karate chop and repeat the following whilst saying it out loud.

“Even though I have this [anxiety] – and it wears me down, stresses me out, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and out of control – I accept myself in this moment of time”.

“Even though I have all of this [anxiety] – and it makes me feel tight, fearful and it leaves me dizzy – I accept myself in this moment of time”.

“Even though I have all of this [anxiety] – and it makes me frightened about the future and what it may bring – I accept myself in this moment of time”.

Ask them to count out loud starting from 5 down to one as they tap each point illustrated. Continue reading

Panic Attacks – Abreactions and EFT Tapping

Keeping your clients safe at all times is so important, ff your client suffers an abreaction it may re-traumatise them and make the problem worse and could even kill them! To avoid this you must at all times give them either physical or psychological distance and disassociate them from the event.

* Physical distance from objects

(spiders, mice, telephones, etc.);

* From locations (lifts, precipices, motorways, etc.);

* From substances (allergens, phobic responses).

* Psychological distance from objects and locations by using pictures, videos. Continue reading